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exos 55.3


1,575g +/- 5%

exos 55.3: Portfolio

Road/Allroad/Gravel Carbon Wheelset

exos 55.3


1,575g +/- 5%



DT Swiss believes in the art of engineering and strive for sophistication in the product development process. Our guiding idea is to constantly push barriers with our inhouse developed technologies.

With the 350, reliability meets simplicity, exactly according to this credo the 350 hub was developed. The simultaneous engagement of the ratchets and the resulting large contact area provides the aimed reliability. The plugged construction allows easy maintenance without the need of tools. Adaptation to different axle standards or modification of the engagement angle is also possible in a few manual steps.

  • Straightpull

  • 12mm Thru Axle

  • Disc Center Lock

  • Ratchet System 18 SL

  • SHIMANO RD 11SP Forged (ASF11)

  • 24 F / 24 R 

  • Front 35P 100 mm 136g 

  • Rear 35P 142 mm 268g


RDTL55-700c Road/Gravel Carbon

  • Toray HM UD-T700 and UD-T800

  • Disc Brake

  • Clincher/TLR Mid-hook

  • Asymmetrical Aero section

  • Rim Depth 55mm

  • Rim Internal Width 22mm

  • Rim External Width 30mm

  • Wheel Size 700x28/45c max

  • 90 psi max pressure (45c)

  • 130 kg rider weight max

  • ​140 kgf max spoke tension

Warranty 2 yrs (manufacturing)

Weight: 470g +/- 15g


SAPIM CX-Ray Aero (elliptical)

The CX-Ray still receives one of the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhillers use them, recognizing their strength and flexibility. Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible.

  • Almost as light as Titanium.

  • More long lasting than any other spokes on the market.

  • Extremely high fatigue test results.

  • Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production.

  • The best aerodynamic eliptic spoke available.

  • Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel conforming to the Sapim quality standard specifications.

Diameter: 2.0 - (0.9x2.2) - 2.0 mm
Elliptic aero part

Strength on middle section: 1600 N/mm2Self locking system

Rod (without bend)

Black oxidised

Recommended for Race​

Weight: 4.25g/spoke - 260 mm


SAPIM secure lock alloy black 4mm

Material: alluminium

Aluminum is the material of choice for higher performance. For this purpose, Sapim has chosen the highest aluminum grade possible (7075 T6) for this sort of usage. It combines light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. The anodized surface treatment provides various color possibilities.

Sapim’s state of the art manufacturing process ensures the best quality available. As a consequence Sapim’s Aluminum nipples has become the benchmark in the market.

​The coating is applied on the thread and on the nipple. Friction between both spoke and nipple and rim and nipple is significantly reduced. Coating also seals the surface reducing corrosion. This is now standard in Sapim’s production.


  • Silent, effective truing with no more squeaks

  • Virtually torsion free spokes

  • High tension wheels without problems

  • No over tight nipples on spoke threads

  • No more oily and dirty wheels

  • Just efficient dry working and clean hands

  • No unnecessary cleaning

  • Wheels are easier to true

Weight 0.34g/nipple


WTB Gravel/CX and Adventure Road models (VENTURE optional)

All specifications and prices listed are subject to change without notice.

exos 55.3: Portfolio
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